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Alfie and Cannabis Resin

Starting off this blog a shocking news event I just heard on the today programme
Hannah Deacon, whose son Alfie suffers from epilepsy, says that Theresa May promised that they would be allowed to use medical cannabis.
What is really shocking about this is that the personal assurance was made 3 months ago and nothing is happening.
Anyone who's had anything to do with large organisations and government is a large organisation realises that the professional aids to the Prime Minister are in attendance and emergency machinery should have been put in motion.
The condition is, we understand, relatively rare and only concerns about 200 sufferers. A simple regulation could surely be drafted within hours by someone appropriate that states that upon a consultant certificate that the patients suffering from the appropriate type of epilepsy the local GP should have access to an immediate supply of the cannabis resin concerned. The sensible source and centre of supply could surely have been set up…